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As a nurse and mother of two with a firefighter husband, I know the importance of massage. Karen has been administering her healing touch to my husband and I for the past 5 years. Through pregnancy, child-rearing, commuting, injuries, strains and pulls, Karen has nursed us back to health with her intuitive and nurturing touch. We'd be lost without her!

Sarah & Rick Rosenquist
Nurse / Firefighter

My husband and I both work on computer keyboards about 10 hours a day and our bodies become stiff and overworked. Taking time to get massage work is critical to our well being and in preventing serious injury. For over 6 years, we have been the happy beneficiaries of Karen's nurturing touch and her delightful spirit. Because Karen has trained in a large variety of massage modalities (and continually acquires new techniques), she always finds the spots which need attention and uses the most efficacious way of relieving the issue. We always look forward to finding healing and peace in her care and have never been disappointed!

Russ Cecala and Leila Dunn
Engineer / Small Business owner

I started getting bi-weekly massage from Karen about 5 years ago. I used to be in excruciating pain due to tendonitis in both my arms. Now, with Karen's wonderful massage and healing techniques, I am not in pain anymore. Sometimes when I overuse my arms, I go to her and she touches me with her magical fingers and I am healed, or at least vastly improved. I love Karen and I highly recommend her as a theraputic massage therapist.

Saroj Sharma
Domestic Goddess, gardner

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Karen is the world's most fabulous massage therapist! I LOVE massages but I'm quite picky and am easily disappointed by those who can't measure up to Karen's amazing level of expertise. I have had massage treatments all over the United States and in several different countries and I can honestly say that Karen is the absolute best. Hot stones, watsu, Vichy multi-headed massaging showers and yes- even hairy Russian masseurs massaging me with honey, "therapeutically" beating me with birch branches and dousing me with icy water in a sauna- can't hold a candle to Karen's massages. She needs no bells and whistles. Her talented hands and gentle, nurturing spirit and the enchanted, peaceful setting of her office are all I need to find heaven on earth. I'm cursed with a mind that can never seem to rest but when I'm on Karen's table the world is far away. It's the only time I can focus on nothing but the sheer joy of each delicious movement and how my body melts in response. When I leave Karen after a massage I'm in an altered and blissful state. If I won the lottery, I wouldn't hire a chef, buy a sports car or take a fabulous exotic vacation, I would get daily massages from Karen as the absolute pinnacle of indulgence and joy.

Kathy St. John
Literacy Consultant

Karen is a talented practitioner with an experienced touch and positive energy. She intuitatively knows where the stress is and massages it out using just the right amount of pressure. Her practice is holistic. After each visit I feel relaxed and nurtured from the inside out and head to toes. Karen is a gift I give myself every month.

Debby Aiello
Head Nurse Surgery Center

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I'm 62 years old. I can pull weeds, dig, mow, carry, lift, run, rake and bend for hours on end, and I have no chronic illnesses or pain. Would I be this able without Karen's professional attention to my stressed muscles? I doubt it. She is remarkably attentive to what my body needs to restore me to maximum performance. After years of receiving bodywork from Karen, each time feels as if it were the first the way she navigates my body and is always so present. She loves what she does, and so do I.

Kathy D'Angelo
Retired State General Services Manager

Karen is a wonderful massage therapist, and I highly recommend her services. The whole experience is relaxing from the moment I walk into the room with the huge window overlooking the creek, the gurgling fountain on the table and soothing music playing in the background, to the wonderful and expert massage in Karen's capable hands. I always leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I know that my regular massages with Karen are helping to keep my neck and back, as well as my mind, healthy and strong.

Mitsuno Baurmeister
Human Resources Analyst

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